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Having a sliding door is great but if the handle is not working properly, the sliding door becomes extremely dangerous. Not only it becomes impossible to open and close the door, it also becomes impossible to lock the door.

Safety is particularly critical if you have costly home appliances or furnishings. And the everyday lives of someone who doesn’t want to be trespassed or be subjected to brutal attacks and stealing, it’s something that would bring peace of mind. One easy way to ensure a home or business establishment is still incredibly secure is to quickly remove or restore the missing or non-functioning door handles. We at Orlando Sliding Pros can install all types of angles for your sliding door. Here are few of the types. Hooke s type handles, clamp style handles, magnetic handles, Mortise style handles, Internal locking handles etc. some handle types are more secure than others while others simply have a closing mechanism with locks, for indoor usage such as for shower stall, office room doors. Tell us the type of handle you want and we will install it for you.

Our vast expertise in the sliding door assembly and repair makes us the best provider of high-quality replacement kits and repair options that can be used to restore an old door’s excellent performance in a very effective manner. We are proud of the exceptional door handle repair and replacement we have performed in the past, our customers don’t shy away from recommending us. Our handymen are extremely polite and do their job with professionalism. They are quick and efficient at what they do, they wouldn’t fumble around and waste your precious time. Schedule the time when you want us to fix the door handle, we will come do the work quietly and leave. You can pay us in a number of ways, cash, card, credit or debit, we take it all. Protect all of your private belongings that you want to conceal from strangers and criminals who love to rob the individual. Call Orlando Sliding Pros to fix your sliding door handles today.

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