Sliding Door Track Repair Orlando, FL

Do you have a sliding door that needs replacement of the track? The sliding door track is the part of the frame on the ground where the sliding door panel glides.

These tracks need to be in the perfect shape, or they remove the entire purpose of having a sliding door. A twisted sliding door track would make the rollers go off-track. Bending tracks can be either inward or outward and can keep the track from opening the door all the way.

Inward bend, towards the floor, can be repaired by pinning the bend back into place with pliers or vise grips. To fix it by pressing it hard, the external bent would require pliers, a screw, or rubber mallet. When a homeowner puts something above the external bend, striking the point and moving the bend back into position would be safer with the hammer. Click softly, then close the door to avoid injury.

If you need trustworthy service for your sliding door, no matter the issue we can help. Orlando Sliding Pros has replaced and repaired various types of sliding doors for commercial and residential sliding doors.

You can trust us for effective, affordable and highly efficient door track repair of your sliding doors.

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There are two things that affect the movement of the door. First is the rollers on each door that may become old, corroded. Second thing is the track that needs repair.

If the rollers need replacement or track is in need of repair, it can be fixed within 1-2 hours. But if the track needs replacement it may take 3-4 hours.