Sliding Door Installation Orlando, FL

Orlando Sliding Pros is a family-owned business.We recognize the importance of providing good service to the people of Orlando with a dedicated and passionate team who have worked for businesses and residences installing the best looking sliding doors.

When you hire us we make sure to only install the highest quality and longest-lasting replacement doors available, produced by one leading national provider. We have selected these providers because they deliver goods that are safe, reliable and stunning, ensuring you won’t be let down. Most people are gravitating towards sliding doors due to their versatility and the way they bring natural light to your home or business area. They provide a great view of the outdoors. Patio doors, retail stores, malls entrance, hotel rooms, shower stalls are some places we can custom fitted sliding doors for you. They take up a lot less space than regular doors. If you want to replace one of the walls with a glass sliding door that opens to your backyard, you will be increasing the resale value of your house for sure.

The sliding doors we install come in various material types and various colors you can choose from. Our steel, fiberglass and glass sliding doors have special locks and extra safety features to keep your family safe. The sliding doors we install have:

Effective Weatherproofing : Our entry and storm doors seal the cold out.
Good Energy Efficiency : Alenco practitioners save electricity and save you money on quality insulation and airtight installations.
Lasting Durability : Super durable fabrics are designed to survive heavy usage for years.

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When you are ready to install a sliding door for your house or business you know who to call. We provide installation at the best prices. The sliding door material, glass, frames are locally manufactured by authentic companies. You get a highly valued product and durable installation that can stand up to the elements of nature. Call us for free estimates. We are happy to talk to you and answer all of your queries.

Sliding doors are the best choice for bedrooms, kitchens and living rooms. You can install a sliding door even in a bathroom, just make sure there’s enough privacy. Since sliding doors are made of glass, avoid putting them in front portions of your house or in visible areas.

The cost of installing a sliding door is dependent on many factors such as material, door type, brand. The average project to install a 6’-wide sliding door averages 1500-2000 USD including the cost of the door, installation fees and other additional cost of locks and other things.